Different Types of Bets at Sportsbooks


If you have never bet at a sportsbook before, you’re probably wondering what the difference between a parlay bet and a point-spread bet is. Point-spreads are odds that reflect a sportsbook’s risk. Regardless of what kind of game you’re betting on, there are several different types of bets to choose from. Here are the main types of bets:

Pay per head

When selecting a Pay per head at sportsbook, make sure that the site offers multiple deposit options. The easiest and most convenient method to deposit money is credit card. Also, check that the sportsbook uses proper encryption. Look for a padlock icon on their website and make sure they aren’t using a third-party processor. If they do, your information may be flagged as international. Make sure to review the security of the sportsbook’s payment methods.


You may have heard of point-spreads at sportsbooks, but how do you understand them? These are the odds released for a game before the game begins, and they are continually adjusted by the sportsbook as betting action unfolds. Point-spreads can increase or decrease by more than half a point, meaning that you may be able to find great winning opportunities. Here are a few ways to understand point-spreads at sportsbooks.


In addition to the point spread and Over/Under line, most sportsbooks also have the Moneyline option. It is the side of the odds sheet that you must be aware of. It will be marked above or beside the lines with a minus or positive number. In a game with a moneyline, a team that has a “-” sign beside its odds is the underdog, while the favorite is the one with a positive sign.

Parlay bets

When you place a Parlay bet at a sportsbook, you’re betting on several games at once. For example, you might bet that the KC Chiefs will beat the Washington Redskins and that both teams will win, while also betting against a losing team. Although these types of bets are fun, they come with their own risks. To help you make a winning wager, sportsbooks often provide tips for placing parlay bets.

Mobile sportsbooks

Mobile sportsbooks allow you to place wagers on the go and take advantage of welcome bonuses from bookmakers. These offers usually take the form of free bets or deposit bonuses. In some cases, mobile sportsbooks even have free money available just for signing up. This is not always the case with brick-and-mortar sportsbooks. However, with the wide availability of mobile sportsbooks, betting on the go is possible anywhere and anytime. Read on to discover more about mobile sportsbooks.


The WynnBET app is one of the easiest ways to place bets on your favorite sports events. It allows you to place multiple bets, make parlays, teasers, and round robins. You can also set your own deposit limits, and even set security questions. The app also allows you to bet in other states as well. However, it is unclear whether or not you can withdraw winnings from your account.